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I noticed just that the site offers new subscribers a Top Excel Tutorials book- is that available for existing subscribers please? I searched but could not find it on the sire.

Thanks in advance




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It's totally free. I was going to put a section for things like that on the public part of the site but never got around to it. Input a working email and you will get a link to download the PDF for it. It hasn't been updated in a while but you might still like it. 



Asking for an email address to be published isn't the correct answer here. You might publish a link, if necessary with a remark that it won't be functioning after a date you specify.
Variatus (rep: 2803) Sep 13, '18 at 5:59 am
Don, Variatus. Thanks but I'm confused now. I already subscribe (so Teach Excel has by email address and I don't need two newsletters, excellent though they are!).

I was hoping to see a URL to the book, perhaps time-bound as Variatus suggest or privately (if not suitable for public consumption). Which is be the better way please?
John_R (rep: 9) Sep 13, '18 at 6:16 am
Despite my discussion commneent, I've now added an email address and been sent and email with a link to the pdf- thanks. I'm hoping your system roots out duplicate email addresses when sending the newsletter.
John_R (rep: 9) Sep 13, '18 at 6:55 am
The thing is that I didn't have the link off-hand when I wrote the answer and the easiest way to get it was to just enter the email address. The system accounts for duplicates, no worries.
don (rep: 1685) Sep 13, '18 at 10:59 am
Dear Don,
I also would like to receive  a Top Excel Tutorials book.
Below is my email address :

Looking forward to receiving the Top Excel tutorials book

Many thanks for the sharing

Best Regards
Arsil Hadjar
Arsil (rep: 28) Sep 13, '18 at 9:27 pm
It looks like you are already on the email list and so I can't re-add you and then have the email with the link send to you. I will try and find the link for you, as my emails are also already on the list - maybe John_R has it handy and can share it? Also, I removed your email from your discussion post - never everrrr put your email in a post on the web or you will get tons of spam by the evil internet spam demons lol.
don (rep: 1685) Sep 14, '18 at 12:29 pm
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