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I have a question in connection with display serbian cyrillic in message box. my sheet have column that contains values serbian cyrillic, how display those values in msgbox? Everytime i receive in msgbox ????? ?????. I think that i have to conversion from ansi to utf8 but i dont know how?




Try going to File > Options > Language and changing the Editing and Display languages and see if that helps.



I know for this solution, but i need vba that works conversion
gogi100 Aug 22, '18 at 4:39 pm
You mean where the language in the system remains English, or another language, but you can input Cyrillic script as well?
don (rep: 1725) Aug 22, '18 at 4:51 pm
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VBA's MsgBox isn't unicode compliant. This means that you have to use Serbian (Cyrillic) as the system language in order to properly display Cyrillic characters in message boxes. There are two alternatives.

One is to use an API to create a MsgBox which can dispaly unicode characters. This topic is discussed here (for Chinese characters, but the system is the same for Cyrillic). Follow all the links you find there. It's very interesting.

The other way is not to use a VBA MsgBox at all. Create a small form and use a TextBox or Label to display your message.


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