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Morning All,

Looking for some assistance/help. I have a sheet with multiple rows which contains details of all the service requests raised by users (find the attached, however changed the details for security purpose). I will get these details once the requests are expired, so i need to send an email to the user notifying about the expiry of the request.

So what am i looking here is In column H i have email ID, i need a code/formula button once i click it need to send an individual email saying the "Request raised has been expired would you like to extend or close" in body of the email.


your request has been expired, would you like to extend or close the request.

Request Id   Employee No. Employee Name    Service Name   Service Start Date Service End Date Status Email ID

S123               111             Mr.Rao             Email                28-May-12          31-Aug-17       Expired [email][/email]

Could someone please help me.






There is plenty of code for this sort of thing available on the Internet. Most of it is just copied from Ron de Bruin. You might do the same.

Once you have the basic program up and running there may be some small customisation issues. This is the site where you can find that kind of help.



Hi ,

Thaks for the quick reply, and am afraid am not a master in VB/Macros.  i need some further assistance to resolve this. I went through the link but as said not good in coding. 

Ravula (rep: 2) Aug 12, '18 at 2:53 pm
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