Nested Vlookup


Watched the youtube tutorial and I am still missing something with my nested Vlookup as it returns #N/A. Assessment and Delcopurchases sheets.

First Vlookup returns the correct value and is in cell R10:


2nd Vlookup is not working - #N/A


R10: XYZ Shop

XYZ Shop (14x) in column B173:B186

3rd column is: AC Bearings

Ugg - im going mad. Let me understand this part and then I have a 2nd question

Thank you.




The second formula is working as well, but it looks for "R10" which can't be found. R10 is a cell reference. Therefore it must stand without surrounding quotation marks.



Ok well I do not know what was going on - so thank you for your response - it appears to be working. however, when I copy it down the column it returns the same value and I would like it to return the next value: Bearings Batteries   This is my formula: =VLOOKUP(VLOOKUP(StartPage!$E$6,Clients!$A$4:$B$257,2,FALSE),DelcoPurchases!$B$4:$E581,3,FALSE)
Coachbambam Aug 9, '18 at 10:31 pm
I hate follow-up questions because the infrastructure they draw on doesn't match their requirement. In this case, an answer is nearly impossible because you don't disclose the cell in which your formula should reside, nor the other cells to which you intend to copy it. Please, if the solution I offer below doesn't do the trick for you, ask a new question in which you provide this vital information. Don't tag it on here.
Your formula VOOOKUP(StartPages!$E$6,Clients!$A$4:$B$257,2,FALSE) always looks up StartPages!$E$6. Therefore it always returns the same result. Most probably the problem will be resolved by removing the $-sign before the 6.
Variatus (rep: 4544) Aug 10, '18 at 4:36 am
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