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Hi there, I have a spreadsheet with monthly data running across columns.  I want to be able to add a new column of data and get the charts to automatically update.  I see this is easy to do if your data is in rows, but i can't seem to do the same for data in colums.  

Any ideas??




Turn the data into a table and it will auto-update.

Select the data > Home tab > Format as Table > choose a style and click it and then you have a "Table" format.

There are other ways to do this, but this is probably the easiest solution.

Here are some tutorials we have to help you:

Dynamic Charts in Excel - The Easy Way

Dynamic Named Range in Excel



I tried this but it doesn't work when adding new data to columns, only rows.  A colleague found the solution - just hide the rows I dont need, and the chart won't pick them up.Then unhide as required.
IslaB Aug 2, '18 at 4:51 am
The Table format method works quite nicely. You can see it in action in the new TeachExcel tutorial: Auto Update Charts in Excel
don (rep: 1900) Aug 7, '18 at 9:58 am
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