Creating Unique Records from shared duplicates


I have a master list that I need to generate other lists from.  the master list has First Name, Last Name, Grade, Graduation Year, email address, phone, etc.  I have duplicate last names belonging to different email addresses.  I would like to generate a list that allows me to have a column with oldest child first name and family last name.

Is this at all possible?



That looks very tough, especially considering your own considerable expertise put on display in your workbook. Would you go for a VBA solution?
Variatus (rep: 4402) Aug 1, '18 at 1:48 am
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Sort by Grade and then remove duplicates.

Select the data > Data tab > Remove Duplicates > uncheck all but the second name field > hit OK.

After that, only the first occurrence for each last name will remain.


The list you want seems to be a full copy of the Master sheet, sorted

  1. By Famaily name
  2. By email address
  3. By graduation year (ascending)

All of this is standard Excel issue and can be accomplished with a few clicks.

Then, if you wish to remove all but the oldest child from the list, that would be a VBA operation requiring no more than half a dozen lines of code, if as many.


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