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Hello, I have the following form that is submitted by customers and need to extract specific information from it. I always get the same fields of information and would like to separate each field on different cells: Purchase date, purchase time, receipt number and comment. I would appreciate all the help! Thanks in advance!!!

The paragraph text below for reference:

Purchase Date: 07/11/2018

Purchase Time: 8:00AM CST

Receipt Number: 123456

Comment: Hello, I would like a refund for this transaction because the items did not work out well for me.



Is this all loaded into a single cell? Can you edit your question and upload it in a sample file?
don (rep: 1960) Jul 11, '18 at 11:52 am
File uploaded! :)
hillscalli Jul 11, '18 at 2:37 pm
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Use Ctrl + J as the delimiter for Text-to-Columns.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the cells with the data.
  2. Click Text-to-Columns
  3. Choose Delimited and hit Next.
  4. Check Other
  5. In the box next to Other, type Ctrl + J
  6. Hit Finish.

Once you do this, it should split the data up and leave you with, potentially, one empty column that you can then delete.

Ctrl + J stands for "Carriage Return" and you get this kind of thing in a cell when you import certain types of data or when you type Alt + Enter within a cell.


Please try these three formulas. They were tested in the workbook you posted.

[B2] =TRIM(MID(LEFT($A2,FIND(CHAR(10),$A2)-1), FIND("Date:", $A2)+LEN("Date:"),100))
[C2] =TRIM(MID(LEFT($A2,FIND(CHAR(160),SUBSTITUTE($A2,CHAR(10),CHAR(160),3))+1),FIND("Number:",$A2)+LEN("Number:"),100))
[D2] =MID($A2,FIND("Comment:",$A2)+LEN("Comment:")+1,100)

Note that the number 100 indicates the maximum length of string to be extracted. Obviously that is far too much for the date and the receipt number - excess is ignored - but it may not be enough for the comments unless you want them truncated.


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