IF statement help - checking for negative values and equal values


Dear All Experts excel

me as a beginner, on this forum

please help me to get started on the attached excel attechmen


Greetings, Ira


How to check for negative or equal values from IF statements?

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Dude, please don't post the same question 3 times. I delete 2 of them for you. If you need to adjust a question, just click the Edit link under it and you can add information or attach files. 

Also, you need to ask a specific question on here if you want help. For instance, for this question, you should ask something like "How do I write a formula that returns blanks for negative numbers, but outputs the positive numbers?"

You get a pass this time, but please don't do this for future questions.
don (rep: 1950) Jun 28, '18 at 10:18 am
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In your attached file, I don't understand the third issue, ask another question for that one but make sure to describe the issue in the question itself along with attaching the sample file.

To return blanks for negative values or the postiive value itself use a formula like this:


This works for cell A1, change the references to work for your data.

The second issue you had, you were at least on the right track kind of:


This makes sure that A1, A2, and A3 are the same and it outputs the value from A1 if that's true.


Thanks ,two formula. i wait the second conditional formatting formula for top / batom 


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