How do I Hide rows with a "true" in a target cell


I have created a form for recording weak muscle function by using check boxes on the "Exam" Page. The weak muscles are now listed on the report page by using an "OR" formula in colum D. 

How do I hide the rows that return a "False" in colum D and a blank cell in Colum C?

I want to compress the report page so it lists only the muscles that were found weak.



It seems to me that you already have the answer but are avoiding the use of it in an apparent effort to circumvent filtering. What is your reason for not wanting to use a filter to hide rows?
Variatus (rep: 3553) Jun 24, '18 at 7:45 am
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What I would do is one of these 2 options:

  1. Use a macro to create a nice neat report page.
  2. Use the existing report page as a step in the process of getting the final one.

Option 1 is self-explanatory and maybe not what you want as it involves programming

Option 2: Create a new worksheet > go back to the Report sheet > select everything and hit Ctrl + C > go to the new worksheet and hit Alt + E + S + V Enter (This will turn all formulas from the Report sheet into the actual display values on the new worksheet).

Now, select columnd B to I on the new worksheet and go to the Data tab > Remove Duplicates > and hit OK.

Once you do this, it is easy to finishe the formatting as you desire. Also, it may look like a lot of steps but all of this will take less than 30 seconds once you get used to it.

I attached a sample of what it will look like if you follow the above steps - the new report is on Sheet1.



Option 2 works great. Thank you, Thank you!! Works like a charm!

I will work on creating a macro to automate the process.
myodoc (rep: 4) Jun 24, '18 at 9:25 am
Glad to help :)
don (rep: 1745) Jun 24, '18 at 10:20 am
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