How to Count check boxes and return information in another cell.


I have a form with a list of muscles and check boxes. On another page in the form, I want to be able to make a list of the names of the muscles with the check boxes checked and return a count of the number of muscles.

Here is the form:

There must be a simple formula for this, right???

Thanks for any help.



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The quickest way should be to create a complete list in Sheet2, like,

[A2] =Exam!A8
[B2] =Exam!B8
[C2] =Exam!F8

Copy down and adjust to capture other columns from the 'Exam' tab.

Now column C will show TRUE or FALSE against all 596 items. Filter for TRUE in that column and you will have a list of all checked items. You can hide column C after the filter has been applied.


will return the number of checked boxes.

Let me know if this can work for you.



Thanks, that works great! Now I need to know how to hide all the rows or cells that show a muscle with a "False" response in Colum C, and the other colums with check boxes.

Since I have a colum for right and a colum for left, How do I display the names of all the muscles that return a true in either the right or left colum?
myodoc (rep: 4) Jun 23, '18 at 11:14 pm
Hello myodoc, I'm really gld my solution worked for you. Please mark it as accepted so that others might also benefit from it.
Your follow-up question needs a new thread. As a hint: when I start thinking about it I will check if the same method can be expanded. Of course, I would quickly arrive at the question of how Sheet2 will be designed, meaning, where the desired results should be displayed. However, a properly formulated next question would proide that information, I'm sure.
Variatus (rep: 2444) Jun 23, '18 at 11:22 pm
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