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At the bottom of a workbook all sheets are listed.  However, the sheet name font size is very small.   How can the font size of the sheet name be increased?    The font size of text within the work book can be changed but I cannot find anything that allows the font size of the sheet name to be increased.

Any suggestions?




You have to change the font size in Windows.

Right-click the desktop > Display Settings > look to the Scale and layout section within the Display tab and you will see the menu to change font-size.

(I'll take a look at your other question when I'm up tomorrow.)



Thanks for the information.  Ive used the Display Settings in Windows for fonts and those settings change the overall font size in Windows.  But, Im referring to the font size within an Excel Workbook and the font size for the Sheet1, Sheet2, and etc. name at the bottom left of the spreadsheet.  The sheet name has color options but I cant find any font size options.  
Why Me (rep: 4) Jun 13, '18 at 9:45 am
I know; it's annoying; but, it's the only way. You can't independently change it. I even had to look into this because it didn't seem like it should be this way. :/
don (rep: 1785) Jun 16, '18 at 1:56 am
Ok... thanks for your help
Why Me (rep: 4) Jun 20, '18 at 4:54 pm
Don't forget to mark this as the answer if it worked!
don (rep: 1785) Jun 21, '18 at 1:17 am
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