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Despite all its excellence, this site doesn't appear to support copying a formula within code tags when the width of the tag pane exceeds the page width. The hidden part of the formula can be made visible by using the horizontal scroll bar but the selection is limited to page width. Is there a way to extend the selection to include all of the tag pane?

Follow this link for some examples.



I think I know what you are talking about, but can you give me a link to a page with an example?
don (rep: 1551) May 21, '18 at 2:15 am
So I looked at the example and here is what I do normally....

- click the Select All button above the code
- left-click with the mouse in the code and hold the button down while dragging it across until it selects all the code.

That may seem normal to me though and maybe not you and other people. Were you expecting all of the code to be visible within the window when it's in a CODE section?
don (rep: 1551) May 22, '18 at 8:14 am
I do not see a "Select All button above the code". Please look at the screen shot I attached to my question.
Frankly, I also can't imagine very well how I might "click ... and hold the button down while dragging it across until it selects all the code".

I may be having a problem with Java if it is accessed remotely (meaning, your site calls on Java code at a site of theirs). This might explain the missing button.
As for dragging the button to activate the horizontal scroll I agree that it would be a second-best solution. Better to extend the selection with Shift+Arrow.
Anyway, if there is a Select All button it should select all, even the invisible part.
Variatus (rep: 2454) May 22, '18 at 8:03 pm
Oh wow, ok so it turns out that I never checked that specific feature with that browser since the edge browser came out. I will have to look into this issue because, if you look at the site in another browser, like Chrome, you will see the select all button. And yes, it is dynamically added using javascript and that's why it didn't appear there but it does in other browsers.
don (rep: 1551) May 24, '18 at 7:25 am
Ok, it should now be completely fixed for the Internet Explorer browser. Check the above page again and see if you see the button to select all of the code.
don (rep: 1551) May 24, '18 at 9:20 am
Yes. That did the job. Thank you.
Where do I alot the points? You need them lol:
Variatus (rep: 2454) May 24, '18 at 9:29 pm
ha.ha.ha ;P
don (rep: 1551) May 25, '18 at 4:39 am
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<CTL> a

<CTL> c



Ctl+A selects the entire page.
Ctl+C copies the selection to the clipboard.
The task is to select the code tagged field identified by having been clicked, all of that field but nothing outside it. If this selection is succesful then Ctl+C would do the copying. As it seems to be, the entire page is copied instead.
Am I doing something wrong?
Variatus (rep: 2454) May 21, '18 at 9:08 pm
It's hard to get good help. That was a load of rubbish 
You might like to try the select all on the top of the code block
k1w1sm (rep: 22) May 21, '18 at 9:42 pm
I was gonna say, there is a select all button above all code sections. That was the purpose of the button, to make that easier.
don (rep: 1551) May 22, '18 at 8:12 am
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