Picture file selecting and picture importing


I am looking for VBA coding which, after clicking a button, wil open the opendialog and let the user select a picture file (jpeg, PNG, Giff) which than will be copied into a excelworksheet.

After importing the picture the origenal file should be closed without any change.



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You probably don't need VBA. Please look at this link where you find instructions for inserting pictures into Excel. It says you can insert multiple pictures in one operation.

While experimenting with the suggestions you will find at the above link - perhaps including following the further links included there - you will learn that Excel isn't the best possible choice for storing pictures. Word would be more suitable. That is because in Excel pictures are stored on a separate layer which is superimposed over the spreadsheet while in Word pictures are fully integrated into the document's text. Because of this basic incompatibility a lot of settings must be paid attention to. In a VBA solution all of these settings must be set by the code. Therefore obtaining the code to to the job won't solve your problem at all unless you have the capability to adjust it to your needs. If you have that capability you would probably write the code yourself in the first place.


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