List the Data in 1 sheet to another sheet


   I Created 2 Sheets.

  Sheet1 contains (A1), (B1)Name, (C1)Sex, (D1)Date of bitrh, (E1)Age [E:E Contains Formula to find Age] and so on.

 There are so many Datas (lines) in Sheet1.

 I want the following in Sheet2.

    In Sheet1, If Age is >5, the same list, Name, Sex, Date of bitrh, Age,...  and so on will be display one by one rows in Sheet2.

    How to do it? ( Without FILTER Option )




In essence, your plan for Sheet2 is a filtered copy of Sheet1. Therefore the best way to do it is to apply a filter to the list in Sheet1. Just filter out all rows with DOB smaller than 5 years ago.

You should be encouraged to work with the filtered data, i.e. not to create a copy. However, if such is your need, Excel supports copying the filtered list to another location, for example, Sheet2.

If you need more help with this problem it is essential that you should create an post a workbook, with some sample data, on which a solution can be demonstrated.



 I Know Filter options, but i need some other, directly get in another sheet.
brsapril1978 (rep: 8) May 15, '18 at 8:48 am
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