How to copy value in Combobox to another sheet?


Throughout my document I have the same information required for each sheet. So, How do I copy the value from combobox Institution (on Sheet 1 Client-Student Assesment Report) to my second sheet (letter of confirmation) in the Institution Row. 

I have the Institution Field in the the third sheet as well. 



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The ComboBox has a LinkedCell property. There you can specify a cell on the Client-Student Assessment sheet which will take the value selected in the ComboBox automatically. Then you can refer to that cell in the other sheets.

If it is inconvenient to have the sme information on the sheet twice you can specify a cell which is covered by the ComboBox. Or you might format the cell as Custom ;;; which will make its content invisible.



Oh yes! the Linkedcell!
In the properties of the Combobox I entered B5 in the Linkedcell property and changed the font to white so that we couldn't see the text behind the Combobox.
I then referred the B5 cell on my sheet three so that the Institution Name is now in the cell! thank you.
heather00 (rep: 10) Apr 24, '18 at 12:15 pm
Yes, changing the font colour to background colour also works - until the user selects a range of cells including the hidden one. That kind of selection changes the background colour and the white script stands out. Using the Custom cell format ;;; keeps the content hidden. Only if the user selects the cell it will be shown in the formula bar but still be invisible in the cell itself.
Variatus (rep: 2938) Apr 24, '18 at 9:08 pm
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