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I put code to protect worksheet, save and close it. In next attempt, just change the code, save and close it.

To unprotect the sheet, the old password is needed, not whatever seen in the code.

I thought this could save my file from being tampered. Am I right?

I couldn't upload the file. So, here it is.

I've attatched a file here. The password for vba code is "try". (I learned how to crack it)

For sheet protection, the password isn't "abcd" as you see there. 

I wonder if it is also crackable. If yes, could you tell me, please?



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Find instructions to break into a protected worksheet without a password here.



The code just kept the computer busy. But anyway, thanks for letting me know that it is possible.
Chhabi Acharya (rep: 109) Mar 31, '18 at 3:04 am
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