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i've saved several email templates to my desktop, and different types of content/body for the emails in an excel sheet. 

example: template 1 - dear customer, template 2 - deal supplier

content/body in excel - A1. thank you for your order, A2. required order

i would like to create a macro that first allows me to select the appropriate template, then be able to select the appropriate content, then have a button to launch the finished email.

how can i create this?

thank you in advance.



Which email app are you using?
Variatus (rep: 4729) Mar 25, '18 at 4:45 am
Hi, i'm using outlook
top5ecret Mar 26, '18 at 4:22 am
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Outlook provides the feature you are trying to program. Click on New Mail, write whatever you want as a template and select it. Now select the ribbon's Insert tab and click Quick Parts in the Text menu. Clicking Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery will open a dialog box where you can give your selection and name and decide where to store it.

When you want to use a stored text, click on New Mail, place the cursor in the body panel, click on Quick Parts and select the item you want to use. You can use different paragraphs to assemble customised messages and edit the texts even after they have been inserted. Set up a signature to sign your mails.

I use this system all the time. It is much faster than what you describe to want to do with the help of Excel and VBA. With half a dozen clicks a mail is prepared, signed and sent.


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