multipage dependent drop down menus?


Hi, this is probably a stupid question, but does it matter if the dependent (combobox) drop down menus for a userform are on the same page? Like, can I have one on one of the tabs for a multipage form and one on another? or will that cause an issue?



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It doesn't matter where you get the data from which are loaded into a ComboBox. Once they are loaded, usually when the userform is activated (and it doesn't matter which method of loading you choose), there is no further connection between the Cbx and the data source.

Quite on the contrary, I would keep the lists for my Cbxs on a dedicated sheet, Very Hidden from the user.



Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear... I meant that I have one userform with multiple tabs and each tab has a drop down combobox; however, each combobox is dependent on the selection from the last combobox. Does it matter that the comboboxes are on different tabs within the same userform?

These are the tabs Im talking about

(sorry couldn't post a clickable link)
tswifty (rep: 2) Mar 8, '18 at 10:49 am
You can access each Cbx in your form from anywhere in the form. There is no potential problem at all. However, addressing has to be done more precisely and sequencing of events may be a hassle, if you use them, but that is related to the presence of tabs and their management, not the Cbxs.
Any Cbx anywhere in the form can be accessed from anywhere in the form, in fact, from anywhere from where the form can be accessed.
Variatus (rep: 2225) Mar 8, '18 at 9:47 pm
ah thanks so much!!! That's what I thought, i just didn't want to cause any issues with the design of the form.
tswifty (rep: 2) Mar 9, '18 at 2:23 pm
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