How to format a number to my desired outcome?


this is my question

for applying to entire sheet

A whole number must be shown without decimal point.

Number with decimal point must be shown up to 2 decimal point.

A negative number must be shown in color red with the negative sign.

How to do using using the FORMAT CONDITIONS for entire sheet?

i cufrently did "selecting the entire sheet, then chose format conditions, under number, i selected custom , and typed 


but it seems to be nor 100% correct

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You were on the right path. Yes, select the entire sheet. Then press Format > Format Cells. In the dialog that opens select the 'Number' tab but now you should select the second choice, 'Number'. You can select how to display negative numbers.

Unfortunately, you can't choose different formats for whole numbers and those with decimal digits. Such formatting isn't recommended because it would play havoc with your number columns. Remember from school? The decimal points of numbers in a column must be vertically aligned. Excel achieves this result by having an equal number of digits to the right of the point. This is the standard for all accounting work, too.


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