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hello I'm looking to do t-shirt inventory and a invoice. 

I have genders, items, brands, style, color and size as drop down list. I want when I click and select a gender under each drop down list it should switch according to the gender I select.



Look to the left of your screen. You will see a thread entitled "T-shirt inventory system". It's your own question with answers which obviously didn't satisfy you. The reason for the failure is in your approach.
Start with the design of a worksheet. Perhaps your grand design will even comprise several sheets, all linked together. Finish the design first. Do all the formatting. Enter all the formulas you know how to create.
When you have reached this point you are ready to ask questions. How to do this or how to achieve that? For example, how to fill validation drop-downs with lists depending upon a previous choice in another drop-down.
Those are legitimate questions for this forum and you will receive replies you can use provided you post a workbook in which all the necessary ground work has been done.
In contrast, your above post is not a question - legitimate or otherwise - because it has no question mark. It is a letter a child might write to Father Christmas - "I'm looking, I have, I want" and zero guidance to let the addressee understand how to help you take the next step.
How do you expect someone to invest time in your project where you are so stingy with your own? It will not happen. Lead the way and someone will be glad to follow. Ask a high quality question to earn a high quality answer.
Variatus (rep: 2504) Feb 20, '18 at 10:38 pm
ok will do that thank you 
phoneguy (rep: 8) Mar 3, '18 at 10:19 am
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