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It is apparent that everything Grade 6 and below has dripped out of my cold-plagued brain. Here's the problem.

Let's say I have a computer-based scoring system for an athletic event. For each competitor, each voter can enter one score  (whole numbers 1 to 5). The total number of votes received is shown and the average score as well.

What I am curious about is how to determine how many 5s it would take to raise the average to a given level? That would be given the following:

- total number of voters to date

- average score at present

- desired average.

Insight would be appreciated, please and thanks.




 For the calculation you have in mind Excel provides the GoalSeek function. I recently explained it here. The example you will find at the link is quite different from what you have in mind. However, you may be able to transpose the solution to your requirements. If you need help with that plese post a mockup of your worksheet.



Thanks. I will try that.
Forgetful1 Feb 13, '18 at 8:45 pm
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