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I have a CSV file which contains image URLs in a column. I want to download all images to a zip file. Is it possible? If so, can anyone suggest the steps?

I have attached 2 sample files. One which has only 1 URL per cell & the other which has multiple URLs delimited by a colon (:). The actual file has over 5000 images.

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Ramesh Y. R.



My requirement is that all URLs will be from the same site. Can I get the code for it?
LEAPS Jan 24, '18 at 11:21 pm
I think this request goes beyong "Teach Excel". You asked for the steps and I told you.
Variatus (rep: 4402) Jan 25, '18 at 4:00 am
Ok. Thanks. I am not a techie and hence requested. Sorry if I have caused inconvenienceĀ to you.
LEAPS Jan 25, '18 at 9:15 am
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The first step is to create code to download one of the images. It is easy to imagine that different websites will require different code.

Then, in a second step, the code must be built into a loop so that it can be called repetitively with different URLs. In this step the task is to create robust code that can be expected to deal with the majority of exceptions one might expect when connecting to 5000 websites.


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