VLOOKUP: copying formula - only returns same value for all cells


I am attempting to pull a city's "county" from a table by using the zipcode. The formula works, but when attempting to copy the formula into the other cells. It still pulls the original zipcode from the first cell that was entered. I have dragged the formula using the "+" and used control + enter. So far that method has worked for other formulas I have entered. I am new at this, so I am not sure if I am needing to use another formula since its pulling an exact zipcode if that makes sense.

Formula I am using is : =VLOOKUP(1013,I17:K47757,3,FALSE)

1013 is the zipcode and placement I need the data to pull.

Screen shot of my sheet:




Your formula will work, but it would be better if you REFERENCED the cell containing the Zip code (Example if all of the zip codes are in Column J2 - J20 then use formula: =Vlookup(J2,$i$17:$k$47757,3,FALSE   ~ IN CELL J2 - then copy down)

PS The '$' stand for Absolute Cell Reference;  if you prepare you sample and upload it I could work with it more easily.


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