How can I fix and/or combined these formulas?


Thank you all for taking time to help. I have limited experience in creating formulas as you can see, but am trying to learn.

I have entered this formula =DATEDIF(H7,TODAY(),"Y")&"Years,"&DATEDIF(H7,TODAY(),"YM")&"Months,"&DATEDIF(H7,TODAY(),"MD")&"Days,"  into cell I7, If I don't enter a date into H7 I would like I7 to fill with response "Fill In Date Left" or left blank is fine


I believe I just need to combine these two formulas. Both formulas work as desired when inputted independently, but I don't know how to combine them. If I don't combine them it automatically inputs



=IF(H7="","Fill In Date Left","")



Selected Answer
=IF(H7="","Fill In Date Left",DATEDIF(H7,TODAY(),"Y")&"Years,"&DATEDIF(H7,TODAY(),"YM")&"Months,"&DATEDIF(H7,TODAY(),"MD")&"Days,")

You just needed to put the first formula into the "False" argument in the IF function.



Thank You for your time and help. Most appreciated.. 
Redoak68 (rep: 2) Jan 17, '18 at 9:44 am
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