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I have very basic knowledge of Excel so I am hoping that someone can help me with this registration form I am trying to create. I have created an IF function to return $130.00 if there is a name on the registration line. Now I need to add up the total in another cell using each $130 that was returned. When I use the SUM function I only get a $0.00 value returned. I have tried removing the $ from the formula and having it return the value 130, but it still will not add all of the 130's in another cell. What am I doing wrong? Sorry if this sounds really basic, but I really do appreaciate the help!

I am using Windows 10 and Excel 2016




Excel differentiates between text (strings) and numbers. "$130" is a string and therefore not a number. Since it isn't a number it also can't be used in calculations. Therefore the correct formula in J12 (copied down) should insert a number, not a string.

You have correctly used the cell formatting to add the $ sign and the decimals.

Of course, the total in J34 has no conditions. It should just add up the values found in the column above it.


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