Excel Hyperlink Issues


Hi ,

I try to hyperlink with "<a href="abc.com">click</a>"  in Cloam B..

Now i try to Email with  some mone then link also shows like:- Click <abc.com>

But i want only display CLick and  link with abc.com 

anyone help me out  its urgent 



So is this in Excel??? or Outlook or Email or something else. Your details are lacking.  In outlook there is a Hyperlink icon off of the Insert menu. In excel there is a shortcut - Ctl + k to insert a hyperlink. Use the Text to display for what you want to show and in the ADDRESS line your link or url.  Please reply and be more specific
queue (rep: 373) Dec 4, '17 at 9:43 am
The instruction is to "click and hold" to just look at the hyperlink and possibly edit it. A single click on it (with immediate release of the mouse button) will follow the link.
Variatus (rep: 2344) Dec 4, '17 at 8:06 pm
It sounds to me like you are trying to send emails from Excel and you want the hyperlinks that are in Excel to appear in an email?!
don (rep: 1521) Dec 5, '17 at 6:16 am
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