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I have a spreadsheet that our auditors use that is supposed to add up the number of rooms in our hotel that are inputed as dirty/clean/out of order/booked, etc. The total number of rooms should be 181. That never changes. Right now, we do the auto sum function for the column and the auditors haven't been double checking that it equals 181. I want to make the cell read Error or False if the numbers do not equal 181 so that the auditors are forced to check their numbers. So cells F3, F4, F5, F6 should equal 181 and if they input wrong numbers, I want F7 to read an error. How can I do that?



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don (rep: 1521) Dec 5, '17 at 6:16 am
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[F7] = IF(SUM($F$3:$F$6)<>181,"ERROR","")

This formula will leave F7 blank when all's well. If you prefer a confirmation, repalce the final "" with "Ok".


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