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Problem with "Sort" function in excel documents


I keep getting the following message when I try to sort selected data in my Excel document.  I am working on a MacBook Air.  "There was a problem and Microsoft Excel was closed. We apologize for the inconvenience."



Try to determine if it is the A) Spreadsheet or B) possibly Excel.  (Based on your limited info its very hard to determine. Note: There are many other possibilities for the error)    A) Try copying your data to a new worksheet; OR save the tab in question as a CSV type file, Open back up in excel and retry sorting. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved here.  B) does sorting work in other wks or just this file?  If it's all files then there COULD be something with excel and you will need to further investigate.  Good luck.  Please try "A"
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Thank you very much. I did try "A" and got the same problem. When my husband came home he checked to make sure I had the latest version of Excel and updated my computer. He then went back into the file and I was able to carry out the sort function. Thanks again for your response. 


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