linking only one part of the graph to an excel datasheet


Hi everybody.

If i have a ppt with a stacked column thinkcell graph (including several columns) and i want to have only one column of the whole graph to be feeded / linked to an excel data sheet ( this data sheet has first to be filtered, resultung in the needed data.), is that possible?

So at the end I have a presentation with several slides and on some slides only one column out of a whole graph will be changed. The goal is to only click 'refresh' instead of copying the whole thing from the excel over and over again...






My initial thought is to do something like having 2 charts stacked on top of each other and play around with the formatting so that it looks like 1 chart.

Basically, you just create 2 totally separate charts and put oneĀ over the other one.

Here is one of our tutorials that covers this topic:

Combine Multiple Chart Types in Excel to Make Powerful Charts


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