how to save a dropdown menu choice as an own filter/variant?


Hi everyone!

is it possible to save the choice in a dropdown menu in a form of a 'personalised' filter. So i dont have to choose the same filters again and again?

BR Theresa



A normal filter offers its own drop-down. It's not clear how your own drop-down would interact with that. On the other hand, an advanced filter would naturally remember what you filtered for. Perhaps the answer to your problem is in using an Advanced Filtger to do the job of a normal filter. Please attach a workbook with an example of what you mean to your question.
Variatus (rep: 2354) Nov 20, '17 at 4:21 am
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I think you should use a macro for this and just attach it to a button so you can run all the filters at once whenever needed.

The below link is to one of our macros that contains a detailed explanation of how to use the AutoFilter feature.

Filter Data Sets on Multiple Columns with Multiple Criteria at Once in Excel - AutoFilter


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