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import multiple text files to multiple worksheet


Respected sir,

I do have multiple text files time and again and get the data prepared for banking industry. I use to import one by one txt file using "fixed width" function in excel worksheet. It is time taking process to import say 25 files at a time.

can you guide me how to import multiple txt files with same columns (with different width) to mulitple spreadsheet. This would be highly helpful to me and oblige


girish bakhai

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don (rep: 1989) Nov 22, '17 at 10:44 am
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Start by recording a macro with the precise key strokes you use to do one import.

  1. Open one of the text files
  2. Select the target worksheet
  3. Start the macro recorder
  4. Complete the import
    If you hit a wrong key, start over again.
  5. Close the TXT file
  6. Stop the macro recorder


  1. Open another text file
  2. Select the target worksheet
  3. Run the macro

If everything works as expected it should import the TXT file into the pre-selected worksheet and close the source file. If it doesn't, post your code here together with a narrative of your experience.


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