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If after doing a sum cell A1 = any figure between 30.01&40 I want cell B1 to automatically become 2%



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don (rep: 1482) Nov 22, '17 at 10:42 am
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This requires two separate steps.

  1. Enter this formula in the cell where you want the output.
  2. Set a custom format for that same cell.
    Right-click on the cell, select Format cells, select the Number tab, select Custom and write this formula in the Type field.

The cell formula will either write 0 or 0.02 to the cell. This is important to know in case you wish to do calculations with this result.

The cell format willl change the value of 0.02 into 2% and hide the zero. Zero is better than "" because it is a number. If you wish to show it, remove the two semicolons from the formatting mask. The other part of the mask ("2%") determines the format of the number. You could make this "0 %" (with a space) or "0.0%" (with a decimal digit) or any other valid number format.


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