locking cell with password



I have an evaluting sheet consists of 10 points. Also I have 5 people that they

have to put there evalute these points. each point Ihave given it a specfic weight.

Since the Excel evaluating sheet is commen between all. I want to lock each coulmn

with a specific password that will hide the content of the cells in that coulmn. So that, any one who is going to put his evaluation will not get affected by others which they have evalute it earlier.


if you have any other Idea, it welcome.




Give each of the participants his or her own workbook. Arrange it so that their evaluations are in a single column. When they give back their workbooks to you copy that one column to different column of a master where you have all five replies in five columns side by side.
Variatus (rep: 2225) Oct 31, '17 at 7:00 am
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