Use Conditional format to highlight no date


Hi Team,

I want to use Conditional format to highlight any cells contains "00-Jan-00". Please advise me on how to do this.

Thank you



That's not a valid date.
gebobs (rep: 30) Oct 30, '17 at 9:32 am
Sorry, can you please clarify more.
fam1r Oct 30, '17 at 10:05 am
yes it is. and i want to highlight all.
fam1r Oct 30, '17 at 10:05 am
There is no zeroth of January.
gebobs (rep: 30) Oct 30, '17 at 11:45 am
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Select A1. Set conditional formatting by selecting "Use a formula to determine which cells to format". Use this formula.


You can copy the format from A1 to anywhere else or set the "Applies to" range for the CF in the CF manager's dialog box to indicate the range you need.


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