Floating AutoSum Cell


I need to create a report that takes the first Tab and makes it a Summary Data page, on the next 4 tabs - these will be data gathered from different dates and time spans and make this entire Workbook as template - 

On any one of those 4 later tabs there could be anywhere from a couple hundred rows to a couple thousand rows.

I need to have certain columns have an AutoSum applied and carry it over to the Summary Page - 

The question is, how do I create a 'Floating' AutoSum Cell for those columns so that no matter how many rows of data I paste in, it will apply the AutoSum on the last row?





A formula like =SUM(Sheet2!$C$2:$C$10000) would include all the rows with data in them as well as many rows without any data. All the empty cells would have a value of zero. Therefore the formula would return the true sum of all values in the column.


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