Need to create Requirement tracebility Matrix using macros


Hello all,

I Need to create Requirement tracebility Matrix using macros.

I have a test case sheet which contains ReqID, Details, Requirement description in Columns E,F and G. I need to create another sheet RTM using these details. I need to list down all the ReqID, Details and Requirement description in RTM sheet. Then need to find the count of test cases associated to each requirement and the test case id's also.

I am attachig a sample sheet with Expected RTM sheet. Can any one help please.





In its current state your project seems to require a code writing service, apparently preferrably a free one. This site is about teaching Excel. So, make an own effort - at least to the point of creating a macro-enabled workbook - find your first question, and we shall be able to help you. BTW, did you click on the "New Service" button at the top? Take a look. It might be what you need.
Variatus (rep: 3563) Oct 9, '17 at 10:09 pm
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