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Hello, I need help to create a formula using multiple criteria. The output i need is "ORG REGION". My reference worksheet has Sales Order#, Product ID & ORG Region. There are thousands of lines with Sales Order# with different ORG Regions based on the Product ID. I need a formula to get me the ORG REGION by SO# AND Product ID. Hellp




The simple way to do this is to create a new column that combines the SO# and Product ID column values and then perform the lookup on that new column.

If the product ID is xyz and the SO# is 10 then create a column that would have 10xyz as its value. Do this using a basic formula like this:

= B1 & C1 where B1 has the SO# and C1 has the product ID

Then, for the lookup value in your formula just make sure to type both the SO# and product ID.

Attached is a sample file that shows you how to do this.


I gree with Don....you could, after you create the other NEW column, create a Pivot table to help organize your data (depending on what you are looking for)



If it's a solution it's an Answer. If it's a suggestion it's a Discussion. If it isn't helpful it's a waste of time.
Apart from that, I had been hoping you would weigth in on this question with a pivot based answer (a real one). Please re-read the question. It's clear enough. However, I had thought it possible to avoid creating an extra column, putting the concatenation into the specs of the pivot column. That's the part which would have made a pivot based answer superior over others.
Variatus (rep: 2688) Oct 9, '17 at 7:36 pm
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