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I have a speadsheet with data complied for the year, data will continue to be added to this sheet. I also have a master sheet; the info from the yearly sheet needs to go to the master. How can I update the yearly sheet and it automatically update the master?



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If the data is identical, why not just copy it? (why do you need 2 identical files?)  How is infor getting into the Yearly file? The yearly file is the tab labeled 2017 correct?

in the master tab you could have an IF formula to update the 'Master' tab from the '2017' tab.   It's not clear what you want to accomplish.  Give my attachment a try

what does your 'complied' data look like?  If files are set up with identical columns, you can copy monthly and layer data ( at end of August add August...)   Otherwise punt! Some sample data would sure have been nice.



I just attached a copy of the spredsheet I am working with. Ultimatly, my boss wants to be able to input the info on the "2017" sheet, and it automatically update the "Master" sheet.
EBrown (rep: 2) Sep 28, '17 at 4:05 pm
I guess, I'd have linked the cells just with an "=" for each of the necessary cells so that the updates in the "slave" sheets/ workbooks could have a direct effect upon the "master".
Chhabi Acharya (rep: 111) Sep 29, '17 at 3:07 am
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