Macro for filtering data, creating pages with that filtering, and updating the last column on original sheet.


I have been messing with this for all of two days now so a pro I am not. I have a list of assignments that need to be passed ot among around 19 employees. I want to know if it is possible for a novice like myself to create a macro that willadd a results column after the last columnfilter by employee, then copy and paste all that data to a new sheet named after that employee, and then have the results column on the main sheet change to whatever the employees add to thier results column. The amount of columns and amount of rows will vary day to day as well. 



This is very much possible and it is also possible to do as a novice; however, it might take you another week or so to get it working correctly. This is a perfect example for when you might hire a consultant to build this for you and it shouldn't take them more than 1 hour to do it, depending on the actual specifics of what you need.

If you want to get this done on your own you are more than welcome to ask questions here, just make sure that each question relates to a specific thing that you want to do and that you at least try to do it yourself first and post any code you made in the question. This is a much longer process than paying someone for it, but at least it's free :P
don (rep: 1785) Sep 30, '17 at 5:28 am
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