Changing Cell Color to make row disappear


There are 2 Sheets one that all jobs are on and the other one is jobs that are needed to be paid. In the jobs needed to be paid list I have it in Yellow is needing to be paid and I change the color to green once it has been paid, and once changed I would like for the information to copy over to the previous sheet and disappear off the list.  Is there a way to do that

Here is a pic just showing the color change



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Yes, I'm sure there must be several ways of doing what you describe but they are all wrong because they go against the essence of what Exel does, should do and can do.

  1. In Excel you have one list of data, only one! The requirement is that it must be easy and efficient to add data to this list.
  2. Then you have the option of displaying these data in different ways. For this purpose you can use filters or pivot tables or even VBA.

Therefore you shouldn't have two sheets. You should only have one sheet with all the jobs on them. There should be a column (or two) to mark the due and paid ones. The information you expect from your second sheet should be in a list which you prepare from the first any time you want - using filters, a pivot table or VBA. The list (and more lists if you need them) would be available just as quick as you now switch from one sheet to the other but they wouldn't exist permanently, meaning you don't have to maintain or update them.

Meaning, precisely the problem which your question is about would never even exist.


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