=IF($K37=0,"",Settings!$B$29)........what does this formula means?




This formula determines what will be shown in the cell in which it resides. I shall presume that it sits in A37.

If K37 = 0, A37 will show "" (meaning a string with nothing in it which looks blank but is unqual zero because zero = 0 and "" <> 0)

If K37 is not 0 then A37 will display the value found on the 'Settings' tab in cell B29.

The dollar sign in $K37 determines what the formula will say if copied elsewhere. The K (preceded by the dollar sign) will not change, regardless of where you paste the formula. However, the 37 (row number) will change relative to the row in which the formula resides. In A37 the number will be 37, pasted to A36 it will be 36 and so on. However, if the formula was in A1 and you paste a copy of it to A2 the reference will change to $K38.

'Settings!$B$29' will not change wherever it is copied to because there are dollar signs both before the column and the row coordinates.


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