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Create Filter Calendar based on two options to one page



I am looking to create an EXCEL doc that can gather the data found on sheets 2-13 based on how the person filters the 2 categories on page 1. Using certain brands and locations as the categories.

So if I choose brand A and location C, all information pertaining to those two categories is pulled from the calendar months and summarized on the main page and so on and so forth. I know how to create filters/drop downs but do not know the formula to pull the data from the "data calendar sheets" and summarize to main page.

Thanks, R




Why not just link all of the data from the data worksheets to the summary worksheet so that all of the data appears on the summary worksheet and then filter the data on the summary worksheet?

Something like: =Sheet1!A1 and then copy the formulas down until all of the data appears in the summary sheet.


It's not clear what you want. Perhaps a formula like this one might help.

= SUM ('Sheet2:Sheet13'!A1)

This formula would sum up the values in cells A1 from Sheet1 to Sheet13, including all sheets between them. Use the names you have given to the sheets as displayed on the tabs.


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