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I am looking for the correct formula to calculate the length of time between calls.  This wil be calcluated using minutes and seconds.  Example below.

68 (A1) * 00:00:35 = product (length of total time)

Thank you for your help




Just subtract the lower time from the higher time and make sure the cell's format is in h:mm:ss or mm:ss

If the time is in cell A1 and the second time in cell A2, it would look like this: =A2-A1


If you just want to display the time then you can simply multiply the 68 by the cell that contains the time. As long as it doesn't go over 24 hours, it shouldn't cause an issue for display purposes.

If you want to get the result in total seconds as an integer and not stored in Excel's time format, then you can do something like this:


A1 is the 68

B1 is the time

86400 is the number of seconds in a day.

This gives you the total time in seconds and you can do whatever you want with that number.

Make sure to format the cell with the formula as a Number or as General in order to see the result correctly.

Once you get the result in seconds, you can do whatever you like with that number to display the data however you want.



Thank you for your response.  The first is a numeric value like the number of calls taken and the second is the time.
senglish Aug 30, '17 at 8:27 am
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