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I have two columns and I want to paste the first value in the first column into another column and then paste the first value in the second column underneath (transpose) the first value in the new column  Basically tranpose...many thanks...not an expert in excel




I am attaching a spread sheet with 2 solutions: 1. uses formula in Cells C1 & C2 that needs to be copied down (use fill handle & make sure you copy down to an EVEN number of cells that is 2 times your original size (Example if your 2 columns ended at row 12, you would have to copy down to row 24).  In cell C1 enter the formula: =INDIRECT("A"&INT(ROW()/2)+1) and in cell C2 enter formula: =INDIRECT("B"&ROW()/2).  Then highlight these 2 cells and copy down to double the original range (as described above);

Solution 2: Basically addes 2 helper columns in front of your data in Column A & Column C (see Solution 2 tab);  The first column A will be ODD Numbers starting with 1;  The other helper column (Column C) will have EVEN numbers 2,4,etc. ~ use Data Fill in increments of 2 to accomplish these!  Then copy data to say Column F & G, Put your original 2nd column of data with helper column below the ODD Numbers.  Then sort on the new Range.

   Best of luck.  Please give credit if either of these solved you issue.

Assuming that your data is in Column A & B:  Copy (highlight the 2 columns), then move over to say column G (cell G1), then use Paste Transpose.  The data now should appear in the 1st & 2nd rows in column G.  If it looks good (if it transposed to what you expected....then you can delete columns A& B.



No I am making a statistical table where the value of the first column (the coefficient) has to be above the value in the second column (its standard error). I can individually copy and paste into the column using the transpose function but I have a lot of numbers in the two columns.  I need a macro to automate it.
                          9           8
jim not an excel master (rep: 2) Aug 25, '17 at 12:23 pm
If you're serious about getting an answer, please provide a more accurate depiction - attach a spread sheet example or sample data and try not to leave any details out.
queue (rep: 467) Aug 25, '17 at 12:27 pm
            PARENTDISC 0.563 (0.137) BLACKW1 -0.435 (0.499) AGE1 0.363 (0.086) MALE -2.728 (0.408) WISCSCAL -0.126 (0.087) WRATSCAL 0.022 (0.013) REMEDIAL 0.901 (0.476) EASI_1 10.365 (0.364) PARTNERPC -1.061 (0.480) EDUC_PC1 -0.512 (0.185) PUBASSIT 1.883 (0.484) FM10A 1.849 (0.457) CHURCHPC -0.516 (0.198)                                                                                       ExternalizeW1 0.563*** (0.137) -0.435 (0.499) 0.363*** (0.086) -2.728*** (0.408) -0.126 (0.087) 0.022^ (0.013) 0.901* (0.476) 10.365*** (0.364) -1.061* (0.480) 0.512** (0.185) 1.883*** (0.484) 1.849*** (0.457) -0.516** (0.198)  
jim not an excel master (rep: 2) Aug 25, '17 at 1:25 pm
I not see an option to attaching file.  But here is the original table with the columns I want to transpose...

PARENTDISC 0.563 (0.137) BLACKW1 -0.435 (0.499) AGE1 0.363 (0.086)
And what I want to do  is have it look like.  So the values of the second column go under the corresponding values of the first column.  

etc....I hope this is clearer
0.563*** (0.137) -0.435 (0.499)
jim not an excel master (rep: 2) Aug 25, '17 at 1:28 pm
I have two columns with values
9  8
4  5
3  6

and I want to place the values of the second column under the values in the first column 
The new column would look like

I know I can do this by copy and pasting via transpose.  But the columns have a large amount of data so I think I need a macro that will do the cut paste and transpose so I end up with one column.

many thanks....
jim not an excel master (rep: 2) Aug 25, '17 at 1:34 pm
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