Unmove object in excel


i have inserted my object as PFD and i need this object icon to unmove but i should allow to double click.

thanks in advancve



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I think you mean to: right-click the object > Format Shape > Properties > select "Don't move or size with cells"



Hi Don,
My question is when i insert an object ( Insert>object>adobe acrobat document>ok>document selected ) it moves and i need this object to be locked and allows me to double click so that i can open it.
i beleive only a macro option is availabe to do this job, if you have any idea about macro program can you share with me.
thank you.
huzzayf07 (rep: 2) Aug 25, '17 at 11:43 pm
It sounds like my answer solves this issue - doing what I said, the object won't move unless you specifically move it yourself.
don (rep: 1521) Aug 28, '17 at 11:41 am
i tried this as you said but its not allowing to double click.

huzzayf07 (rep: 2) Aug 30, '17 at 12:28 am
So, before you did this, you could double-click the item, but, after this, you were not able to double-click it? If this is the case, please edit your question and upload a sample file to it that illustrates the issue.
don (rep: 1521) Aug 31, '17 at 7:27 am
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