sync excel file from mobile device to desktop when on the same network


Ok, guys and gals. This one has me stumped..

I have a asus transformer with a excel file that is taken away from the office network periodicly throught the day, I would like it to sync to the excel file to the desktop pc in the office when the tablet connects to the office wifi.

A mobile network or cloud is not an option, since there is no cell reception or internet access.

thank in advance!!




I'm not sure about Excel 2007, but this shouldn't be too difficult if you use Office 365, Dropbox, or OneDrive. 

It seems like you can just upload the file there and then access it via another device and it should sync without too much hassle.

Microsoft's sync files page



Thanks for the reply, but I thought onedrive, and dropbox required an active internet connection.?
jandjcomp Aug 23, '17 at 4:23 pm
I am not certain if there is a premium in-house setup that can be done with this software, but you could also look into a setup with an in-house windows server.  However, the easiest solution is probably to enable cloud hosting outside of the company, even if its just for this 1 file; then, you won't have to do much setup or research at all because the functionality is pretty standard in that way.
don (rep: 1969) Aug 28, '17 at 11:48 am
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