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Hi Guys,

In graphs, how can I put my vertical axis in the center? 

I have a set of categories with specific values and tagged either Yes or No. now i need to display and wanted the vertical axis to be in the center to clearly see the division. so it would look like that the graph is in collumn. 

Attached are the copy graphs that I currently have (Graph1) and what I wanted my graph to be like (Graph2). 

Thank you



I don't see an attachment. Edit your question and make sure to upload an Excel file.
don (rep: 1665) Aug 20, '17 at 3:30 pm
Actually I have edited and uploaded the photo twice. Any advise how i an share or upload the photo?
corpuzjunel (rep: 4) Aug 20, '17 at 10:47 pm
You can upload it to a site like and then link to it here or post an excel spreadsheet.
don (rep: 1665) Aug 21, '17 at 4:34 am
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