How to convert military time into money owed for parking


I must use enter and exit times to determine how much fees are owed for parking.

Thank you



There are a few things you need to do before your question can qualify for an answer.
1. Google for "Dates and Times in Excel" (or something similar) and learn how Excel treats times. You may also like to read past replies on the subject on this forum including those I wrote yesterday. You will learn, among other things, that Excel can display time in many formats but today 3PM is the same cell value whether you call it that, 15:00 or 1500. The value is always 42965.625.
2. You will need rules by which to charge your fees, such as for each full hour, half-hour or quarter-hour or for each commenced hour, half-hour or quarter-hour.
Once you have the rules and the entry & exit times calculation is very simple. A car that entered at 42965.625 (3 PM) and left at 42965.75 (6 PM) stayed for (42965.750 - 42965.625) = 0.125 days * 24 = 3 hours. You will find that the real problem is in making sure that the display of time doesn't detract you from the time value which is being displayed.
Variatus (rep: 2354) Aug 17, '17 at 10:02 pm
I think you started as a discussion and ended as an Answer :P. Maybe this would help more to be placed as an answer even though as you point out the guy didnt provide enough info. Your thought process serves as a really good outline for what a future visitor might also need to do in this case.
don (rep: 1521) Aug 18, '17 at 3:40 am
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