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I am bit new to excel and stuck to caluclate a value, below is the situation:

A                 B                C

threshold                     rate

0               20,000            0

20,001      60,000         2.43

60,001     120,000        2.18

120,001    240,000       1.94

240,001     480,000       1.70

480,001         +             1.46      

Total Units Sold:      700,000  

Given above are:

Colums A & B (merged) = Threshold

Column C = Rate for thresholds

If there are total 700,000 units sold how I can calculate value of it considering given threshold and calculate value of it as per threshold. Means, I want a formula which calculate value as per given threshlod for total units.

Any urgent help will be really appreciated.



If this is a task from school you didn't understand the question. If this is a task from your job you didn't explain the question. Either way, with the information given I'm afraid there is no answer.
Start with saying what you want to calculate. Is it the value in column C? Then figure out word to explain how to calculate it. Nobody here knows what is "threshold" in your context. After you found the words to explain what needs to be calculated somebody might help you "translate" them into a formula that works in Excel.
Variatus (rep: 3728) Aug 10, '17 at 8:15 pm
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Hi Variatus, 

Really thankful for your guidance. I agree with you probably I remained unable to describe what I want. But let me share you that it have been resolved. In future, I'll try to describe in more effective way.


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