Need to get total sum of events raised by each individual



Could you please hlep me in getting the details am looking in for. In sheet1 i ahve issue numbers and the Engineer who raised the issues. in sheet 2 i need the total number of issues  by the eniggneers based on Coloumn A ( not sure on how to use wildcard to get).  Happy to provide more details, find the attached.



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Try this file




Thanks for the quick response, but when am trying to use the formula from the sheet you gave i am unable to see "{" at the first and end of the formula. i tried copying it but aint got any luck. could you please help me out.
Ravula (rep: 2) Aug 9, '17 at 12:40 pm
Hi Salin,

i have added the original sheet which am working on, could you please check the Tab "Agent Wise" where am trying to incorportate the formulas you gave to me. 
Ravula (rep: 2) Aug 9, '17 at 12:43 pm
you must use (CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER) with the formula 
after you type it press (CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER) not (ENTER )Only
salim_hasan (rep: 40) Aug 9, '17 at 12:51 pm
Hi Salim,

Thanks for flying respone, as said am very very new with Excel formulas as am in to netwroking domain. I tried but somehow its showing only "0" in the table. Maybe am missing something or confused with the Rows and coloumns. Apologies for the inconvenice, if you could help me to update the same in the latest attachment that will be really helpful for me. could you please update the test 2 sheet . Waiting for your reply on this. Thanks again for getting back.
Ravula (rep: 2) Aug 9, '17 at 1:57 pm
Gyus could anyone please help me out!!
Ravula (rep: 2) Aug 9, '17 at 3:29 pm
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